Saturday, 16 July 2011

deadly seduction

"I am so sick and tired of your shit" he yelled, his voice echoing off the walls in our tiny cabin."Why must you always push me, you know what it does to me and yet you just can't help yourself" There was a loud crack as his fist went straight through the wall. Slowly he pulled it out and wondered over to the freezer. I wanted to help but going near him now would just hurt us both.

His eyes were cold and grey, unlike the bright blue i remembered when we first met. How could things have gotten like this. It was my fault, i knew it was my fault, he was right i did push him. Somethings any show of emotion was better then none. He flopped casually into the wooden kitchen chair, those cold steel pupils stabbing me. I could see the mix of emotions he was feeling. Apart of him wanted to hurt me, really hurt me and yet the other part want to see me all sweaty and wiggling beneath him in pleasure. I wondered which one would win out tonight, personally i hoped for the second option.

How beautiful he was to me right now, the few tiny beads of sweat upon his brow making his dark hair glossy. The rhythm of my heart quickened, not out of fear like it should but out of desire. I wanted to feel those same strong hand on my naked flesh as they stripped away my clothing. I bit my lip, blood staining my tongue making my mouth taste all metallic.
"What is wrong with you?" he asked, it was a dangerous question. I shrugged my shoulders confused as to which answer might soothe him.
"Come here" he demands, i walk quickly over to the table. His mouth is instantly upon mine, licking and sucking my tongue, teasing me. A passionate flame is ignited within my trembling body, I pull him closer to me.
"You make me crazy" he states between kisses "you know that?"
"Yes" I reply, i bring out both the angel and the demon in him, though lately it has been more of the demon.
"I just cant control myself when i am crazy" he murmurers as he unbuttons my shirt, his mouth replacing where the fabric used to lay. I moan, so full of desire for him. It had been worth it, worth the hole in the wall, worth the broken pieces of furniture. I didn't care, he had never really hit me, what was a few heavy handed shoves and the odd thing thrown at me. Nothing compare to the heat of his body and the intensity of his touch right now.

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