Thursday, 29 December 2011

lessons+bad books = back to work

Holidays are ending and work is beginning to nag at me again. I had wanted a week off, One week where no computers or writing would take me away from my family and fun times but it seems as though that was not meant to be. Funny how something so small can impact your world in such a way, I am referring to the reason I am now stuck back at my computer working my ass off to produce (what I hope will be) fantastic pieces of work.

So what has driven me to this you may ask….simple answer is a book. Not just any book but the last one of a series that I was heavily invested in. I guess as a writer it’s hard to watch as another destroys what could have been brilliant. Most of the way through the book I was thinking about how I would have done it different especially the ending. I was left wondering how on Earth an Author could leave it without closure….I mean it was the end of the series or so we were all lead to believe.

The good thing about this is that I have learnt a thing or two. One your work can either be the way you want it but unpopular or popular but not the way you want….rarely does it seem to work that one’s work is both popular and the way you want it unless you are one very skilled writer with a knack to know what will win an audience over.  Two is when you end a series, end the series….there will be away to come back to it if you really want to later but for the sake of the reader who thinks this is it, well it should have at least a decent ending that wraps up 99% of the loose ends.

So with that in mind plus many other things I am back to work. My love and magic series part one is in the editing stage (yay) and I feel the need to start part two of the Lilli Vale series (even that had a better ending then the book I just read). Lilli Vale has been sent to a few people in my writing group who are utterly blown away with it. It has been described as Young adult fiction for actual adults….which makes little sense to me lol. Just hoping that publishers will see the potential like others have. This might sound silly but I still have the nagging voice in the back of my head which tells me I suck at writing and that all my work is crap. Personally I believe that is what drives me to produce my best work. I find that trying to use my self- doubt as a motivator is the only way I can keep myself sane and able to write.

On a different note, I wish you all a very happy New Year and may 2012 treat you all kindly.


  1. You say writing how you want to write your story by it could be unpopular. That could be a risk with lots of stories? I've just finished writing my first draft of my novel and the ending bothers me that it maybe unpopular although until a few others have read it I won't know for sure.

  2. That is True, I dont think one should change their style but they should be ready for the backlash that may come. Personally I am ok with negative feedback, I write first and foremost for myself which is why I admit to having heaps of self-doubt. I am sure that my work which has been published is a fluke.
    That being said i am open to change, I enjoy getting feedback whether positive of negative. I just think that when you have made such an outstanding series there is a certian obligation to end that series with some closure for the reader. There is nothing worse the wondering what happens next and knowing you will never find out.
    All in all i think no one truly knows what will be a hit and what wont. Just write what you know, listen to the comments and do what you think is best for your work :)