Thursday, 22 March 2012

Of Leather and Lace, Erotic tales

I wanted to try my hand at writing something sexy, something a little funny and something that would leaving you wanting more. That was what I had in mind as I set pen to paper and wrote Say My Name for the Firefly and Wisp anthology Of Leather and Lace.

I started off thinking about the characters I wanted and straight away, I knew they were going to be a librarian and a police officer. Slowly the short story unfolded into something that was a joy to write. I found myself laughing at Claire's (the librarian) thoughts and the way she so desperately wanted her sexy next door neighbour. I also wanted to provide a cop fantasy that wasn't all about being pulled over on the side of the road...though that is a tantalising thought ;)

 It wasn't all about the sex in this story, it was more about the fantasy of having to surrender yourself to another. We all have fantasies whether it is a threesome, being handcuffed or dressing up etc...they are good to have, healthy even :). Writing this story was an adventure, one i can't wait to share with you all.

Now is my chance to be able to do that and at a great price. For a limited time only this anthology which includes not only my story but many other great stories is going on sale. For the low price of .99c you can read Of leather and lace and have a glimpse into some spine tingling, toe curling, oh la la stories! So why not grab a copy, .99c is a steal and awesome value.

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