Tuesday, 6 March 2012

This year is just going crazy, I am amazed at everything that has happened. As some of you might know I have been dished out enough bad luck and issues to deal with that it left me wishing I could run away and hide. The surpising thing is that with all that pain, all that hurt, I have been blessed. Until now I would have never known who were the most amazing and supportive people in my life. As I have stated some of the best, kindest, supportive people have been people I have never meet. They allow me to whinge and then pick me up. They send me kind comments and allow me to know I am not alone. They are what true friends are meant to be. There are people like Jimmy, Ed, Steve, William, Danielle, Theresa, Jamie, Brenda, Tanya, Kelly, Trena...plus so many more

So now to fill you in on some good news my novel Death Lilli has been picked up by Firefly and wisp! Yay. As many of you might know I have already been published in 3 of their anthologies so this is amazing. I cant promote them enough!!!! Seriousily they are an awesome Publishing company and I have dealt with a few others so I can speak from some experiance :). Their Authors all pull together to help one another which makes it just like one big family. I beg of you to please so them some love and check out there website at http://fireflyandwisp.weebly.com/. They also have a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/#!/fireflyandwisp and I know that for this month of march they are doing giveaways everyday.

I have also started writing the sequel to Death Lilli and my next goal is to get a contract for Premonition (formally known as love and magic). I am about a third though my serial killer novel which i am super excited about also. So stay tuned for snippets of those in the comming months.

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  1. Hey, Rebecca. When I started reading this, I was concerned that it might be bad news. So happy to see that it wasn't. In fact, I could "feel" you smiling as the post worked its way to its end. May the good continue to outweight the bad or the poor, my friend. *waves*