Friday, 27 April 2012

Dream Sequence for an WIP

Jude swore at himself as he saw the terrified look on the woman’s face when she had heard the branch hit the side of the house. Her hand flew to cover the monster that was growing inside of her. He knew the woman, Lilith, was carrying a demon spawn and that her herself was nothing better than hideous demon and yet when he watched the way she moved, the way she worried about the ‘thing’ that grew inside her, Jude couldn’t help but to feel guilty. He knew it was only a matter of time before they would kill her and her little monster. Jude couldn’t think of the thing that grew inside of the girl as a baby for it would have made his task impossible to do. Yes, he was a cursed one, an assassin who had been forced to kill demons so that he could one day return to the place humans called heaven.

Uziel shifted beside him. “I don’t feel good about this Jude.” He whispered. Jude didn’t either but he wasn’t about to admit that.

“This is our key home. You heard what Michael said, if we kill the mother and child, then the curse will be broken and we will be able to return home.”

“Yes I heard…but look at her, she doesn’t look evil and to kill a baby” Uziel sighed “I just don’t know if I can do that. There is enough blood on our hands as it is…we don’t need the blood of an innocent as well.”

“Don’t you want to go home?” Jude asked knowing the answer, of course Uziel wanted to go home, all the cursed ones did. They lived an existence knowing nothing but bloodshed down here instead of the bliss and inner happiness found in heaven. Uziel looked once more at the woman who was now seated in a large rocking chair in the lounge room. Her long ebony hair hung dampened around her pale ivory face. She had her eyes closed as she rocked backed and fourth, her mouth moving as she sung to the child that was inside her. Uziel knew, there was no way he could kill this woman and her child. In this moment, she was no more demon than any other human mother he had seen. Jude began to climb down the tree as Uziel watched the lady. The sooner the deed was done the sooner they could return home. It was then that Uziel noticed the slight grimace to the woman’s face and the shift of her body. ‘oh shit’ he thought to himself ‘she is close to having the baby’.

Uziel jumped down form the tree hitting the side of the house with a bang. A light from the upstairs window flicked on and there was yelling from inside. Jude looked furiously towards Uziel and shoved him into the car. Uziel hid his happiness, content with knowing he had done the right thing.

A young man exited the house, shouting once more “Who’s out there?” as he checked the front yard again. Jude drove a few blocks away before pulling over. His face askew as he fought to control his temper.

“Why did you do that?” Jude hissed.

“They don’t deserve to die. No matter what Michael says she is just a mother trying to protect her young.”

Jude paused, he couldn’t believe that Uziel was sticking up for one of THEM. Mother or not, Child or not, they were from the dark order…they didn’t deserve to live. Most of all Jude just wanted to go home. This life was draining whatever part of his soul remained.

“You would risk staying here…risk the order of the light for what…for HER?”

“If it is the right thing to do then yes. Jude whether you see it or not, she isn’t evil, she isn’t someone to fear and neither is her child. Don’t let your hatred blind you.”’

Jude shook his head at his brother’s words. Maybe he had been compromised somehow. Maybe this life had finely taken its toll on Uziel. Either way, Jude knew it was Uziel who was being blind.  

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