Friday, 6 July 2012

Death Lilly's cover revealed!!!

Look at what my amazing publisher has created. After all my talk about Death Lilly I finally have a cover...well not just any cover but one of the best covers i have ever seen. Plus I have a launch date, Death Lilli will be published and available for purchase on the 23rd of Nov 2012. I am so amazed at how much has happened to me already. Firefly and Wisp have given me my best chance to make writing a career. They support me and make me feel like family I am so blessed to be with them! Now we are in count down mode but in the meantime I am going to be working on some other special projects!


  1. Congrats on everything, Rebecca. Great news, indeed. The cover is very easy on the eyes. :) Sorry, we men can be creepy that way. *waves*
    Enjoy the weekend!


    1. Jimmy! As always your comments bring a huge smile to my face and brighten my day! Your continued support and inspiring words mean the world to me! I am glad you like the cover hehe!
      Thank you so much for the comment!