Monday, 9 July 2012

So....what to do next?

I haven't posted anything of great content in a while, so I thought I had better. So what have I been up to these last few weeks...well a whole lot lol. First off i was sick, some stupid bug that almost put into hospital, then I have been busy writing. You see for the last few months my husband has barley been home, so to fight the loneliness I lose myself in my work. That and I can't sleep so I have to find something to do. It also allow me much time to read, which I love doing. by the way if this post is some what erratic then I am blame lack of sleep, 16hrs in the last  5 days really isn't enough lol.

Anyways I have also been working hard so that I can be ready for the release of Death Lilly! Yay! I am so excited. So with that in mind I am stock piling stories. I have also decided that for the next little while I will not be starting new paranormal stories. I have 2 to finish and then that will be it for the next few months.

So what will I be writing, well my wonderful publisher, whom I often praise, has asked me to do some more erotica writing. And, well with my husband being away so much it is fun to have a avenue to vent that stuff to. Plus I am hoping that I can deliver something exciting to read. In truth I never thought that would be something I was good at writing so, fingers cross, we'll see how it all pans out in the next few months lol.

Also I want to focus on doing a romance novel. Not the kind where prince charming sweeps you off your feet and ends with marriage and 2.5 kids but a more modern base story on the way a person can love with ones heart but it is not always enough. Sometimes the person you lust after is not the person you should be with etc, because as most of you who have read my stuff know, I like to write a little bit dark and have twist and turn. Most of all I want the read unsure of who to love and who to hate lol.

Also I want to do a classic horror story, that came to me one night. You know the kind, some crazed man who lives in the Nevada, out in the desert. He believes he is the second coming and is stating a cult but first he must father 12 sons. The story will be a spiral of his madness that he tries to suck his family into and the way his first son is caught between wishing to escape and the need to be a dutiful son. I wont start this story though until I finish my other commitments.

Anyway I thought I would leave you with some little teasers of everything I have been working on this last month (BTW I tend to write more then one story at a time, it is just my style). Yes i am trying to bribe you into liking my work. I really do want to sell many book lol! Enjoy guys xox

Snippet #1 the romance story

“Abigail. Stop!” a voice roared from behind her. Abigail stopped, turned and glared at the man whom she had wished to escape from.
“What?” she snapped, the alcohol causing her to forget her manners.
“Why are you running away from me?” He asked, those big blue eyes searching for answers.
“Why are you here?” she retorted.
“Answer me.”
“You first.”
“Really, are these the kind of childish games you want to be playing right now?”

Snippet # 2 an erotic story
“Yes pet, I can tell, after all these months your body still responses to me like I finely tuned piano. I just need to press a key and the music begins. Your body wants to play a tune for me, any tune I desire and so it shall. I will play you until you are worn out. I will remind you why my Angel shall never leave her master again and then I will punish you for doing just that. I have had six months to think about how this symphony would play out. Don’t ever forget that, my pet, just when you think you are spent, I will pull something else out and your body will do just as I say.”
Snippet #3 paranormal horror
'Fine. Go ahead. Kill me!' I yelled as the tears started to fall. 'I have nothing left. You have taken everything from me, destroyed me, broken my heart and crushed my soul. To die at your hands only seems natural now. Just do it quick.” I wept, allowing my body to go limp.

Ok i think that is enough...well until my next blog maybe lol.

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