Monday, 27 August 2012

Death Lilly teaser!!!

Death Lilly comes out in less then 3mths so here I thought I would share a little snippet from the first book with you all. Please be aware this is taken from my rough draft copy and there may be some slight changes.

Five months later…
 The bath was full as I stripped off the silk crimson robe. Steam rising making the bathroom fill with a soft fog that smelt like lavender and dark chocolate. Gently lowering my aching body into the hot water watching as the steam rose up off my skin.
I grabbed my iPod, placing the headphones on top of my head as I sank deeper into the water. Closing my eyes I allowed the music to invade my mind. My head beginning to throb with the beat of my music as the heat took effect.
Watching as the blood trickled gradually down from the puncture marks which tarnished the prefect ivory skin of her unclothed body. My mouth opened yet not a single sound escaped my lips, as I tried in vain to scream. The young naked woman shook out her long blond hair. Her smile transformed into something sinister as if to tease me. I was utterly confused and completely incapable of taking my eyes off her. I hated having these dreams.
For the last six months it had been the same kind of dreams that plagued me during the night. They were disturbing, always a girl being seduced by the serpents while the men in the beast masks silently begged for me to come and play with them. Closing my eyes tightly, I wished to wake up. 
Instead I opened them in time to take in the way she was bound by her wrists to the giant tree. Two young men wearing bronze bull masks danced around her, slicing at her bare skin with the tip of an ancient dagger. I knew from previous dreams that they had no intention of killing her but they gave the impression that they wanted to see her bleed. Her rich red blood, dripped down the pale translucent skin, like tiny little rivers of wine.
  Sweat dripped down and over my skin as the men tempted me to come closer toward them, though I could not.  I was frozen in place. Unable to move, although my mind was desperate to flee. They called my name, begging me to open my eyes.

And because I think you are all fantastic here is a little snippet from book two ;)

“Who else dear… Did you think I was dead? Did you think I wouldn’t search for you?”

I didn’t reply. How could I, he didn’t want to hear my answers, all he cared about was himself. I could hear him snicker as those dark, dead eyes stared down at me. Pinching my arm I begged to wake up. To exit this nightmare that had claimed my sleep.

“It won’t work, no matter how hard you pinch or beg you can’t leave this dream until I want you to and right now I don’t want you to go anywhere!”

“I’m not talking to you, I hate you!” I yelled.

“Hate me… No, I don’t think you hate me, I think you hate that you picked the wrong side. Who is going to save you now? Huh? You need me Lilly.”

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