Wednesday, 28 May 2014

I'm back and what's happening now

So for the last eighteen months I haven't been able to give my writing the attention it deserved. For those who know me personally they know that my husband was on deployment and came home with combat stress and PTSD. We have worked hard to get him better and are now at a stage where I can give my writing the attention it deserves. 

Over the next couple of months i'm going to be changing the dynamic of this page and other social media sites  I am hoping it'll make things better. Things are looking up and I need to give my work 120%. I love to write and want to make it a living so now is the time to give it all I have. 

That means that I need to go over my first novel and do a revised edition. After writing Blood Lilly i noticed the flow of Death Lilly was slightly off and there were elements that i thought were important that happened not to be. I felt it is in the best interest of the series to do a revised edition so that when readers read the series it will all tie in nicely. 

I know it can be frustrating for readers and I am glad I have come to this decision early. I have learnt a lot since i first wrote Death Lilly and would love to use this knowledge in the new version. I am not perfect but i want to give my readers the very best version i can deliver. 

The new version will include more Jude better flow and a few new twists that set up the rest of the series nicely. 

I can't wait to share this new edition with you all. 

Thank You 

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