Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Fantastic people you should know about!!!!

I am so blessed that I feel stupid for not embracing my luck before. I mean, it takes only an individual to change a person's life and I have so many that I should be screaming with joy and happy dancing my way around the world. I want to share these friends with you!

First is William Cook
I have known him now for omg 2-3yrs I think...every since i stumbled upon his amazing blog and then befriended him on Facebook. I consider myself lucky that he accepted and is such a wonderful source of inspriation and knowledge for me. If you love horror then you must check out his novel Blood Related

Next is James Garcia Jr
I have know Jimmy for 1-2 years. We meet via this blog actually. He is always one of the first people to leave me encouraging words of wisdom and always brings a smile to my face. I am so happy that we have become friends! I don't know what i would have done at times with seeing his kind messages written there to help me! I am going to share his new book that has just come out titled Dance on Fire

Then there is Lisa!
She is such a kind hearted, wonderful person, that i couldn't imagine my life without her being there. We have gotted really close since starting our goodreads group along with Muse. Lisa has been there to help me with my writing, teaching me things and always willing to help. I am so lucky!!! We often share a laugh and have a good chat when time zones allow for it hehe. I know she is someone I can count on to be there for me when I need a friend to have a whinge to. She is also a wonderfully talented writer! Omg seriously, when I read her work I often wonder if I'll ever be able to produce something as magical as she does! We are looking forward to one day being published together! the meantime go and check out her work!!! Like her page and become a fan :)

Lastly there is Muse. She is not (Yet) an author but she is such a wonderful, funny and kind friend who is a tech genius. Again I need to give her a shoutout for all the times she has made me nearly pee myself with laughter. Her OCD is awesome for someone like me too hehe. I can always count on her to be 100% honest and to keep my head from inflating. She writes fanfiction and one of these days Lisa and I will convince her to star in one of our group antholgies so the three of us can be all published together hehe.

Also I must thank all of you really! There are those of you I don't know just yet and those who i might only speak to every now and again but know that I am always thankful for your interest in my life and my writing! I am nothing without those who take the time to share in my passions. If you have ever wanted to get to know me, don't be afriad to chat. I reply as often as I can. The four people listed all became dear to me via a chance; just a single message and from that a wonderful friendship has grown. Life is full of chances, embrace them!

Love you all


  1. Hi, Rebecca. *waves* Once again, I would like to thank you for doing this. It really was very sweet of you. I apologize for not getting here soon enough to comment. My two week vacation is over and today was my second day back. Then I misbehaved while I was off, totally foregoing my treadmill regimen, so I have been getting back in the swing of that as well.
    This is such a crazy thing, that we push ourselves so hard because we have been gifted with stories to tell. Many time it is a very lonely proposition, with family and friends not understanding. Therefore, it is so important to surround ourselves with good people who do understand. They help us get through the dark times and truly celebrate the milestones. It's very awesome! I'm glad you think so, too.
    Have a great week, my friend. :)


  2. Your words are too kind. I thought I posted on here before but maybe it was FB. I enjoy our late night chats together!

  3. Over the last year and a half or so I have gotten into the book world of social media. I am so with you in being grateful for all the awesome authors, bloggers, and readers who share of themselves with me on a daily basis. What a wonderful world of folks to be involved with and share a smile, a giggle, a word of encouragement, and the love of a good read!!