Sunday, 25 November 2012

Death Lilly:- Meet the characters!

Lilly Vale: She has raven hair and emerald eyes. Her taste in guys is a little worrying and she is acts here age. She can be reckless and selfish, though she tries to do the right thing.

Lilly Quote

“Well if you can lay claim on me, then I can on you. That means you can’t go flirting with girls, no matter how pretty they are. I’ve never had a boyfriend before, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand the rules of a relationship. No more flirting. I mean it or we’re done. I won’t play second to your ego,” I snapped.

Jude: He is a man with a past and if he isn't careful one of these days it's gonna catch up to him. Though he is trying to right past wrongs by protecting Lilly as best as he can. With blonde hair and blue eyes he looks similar to his brothers.

Jude Quote
“I don’t know what to say Lilly, but if I ever find out who made that call, I will kill them,” his eyes went dark, the words holding such menace. Instinctively I pulled away from him, not understanding who this new person was. Jude was Mr. Nice Guy, not this vengeful person.

Cayn: Mr Popular. He's everybody's friend and people naturally flock towards him. Cayn can melt a girl's heart when he's not trying to get into her pants. But don't be fooled, Cayn has his own closet full of secrets waiting to be unveiled...
Cayn Quote

“You couldn’t keep me away, even if you tried. You might bring out the best in me, but sometimes I am at my best, when I am bad.” He looked up at me through those long dark lashes and smiled so sexy that I felt as if I should melt. I felt a hot rush of desire run through my very core as I tried desperately to compose myself.


Levi: He is dark, danagerous and at times completely sweet. One minute he is all flirty, the next, he is cold and disconnected. He is Cayn's best friend even though they often disagree, but there is one thing Levi won't do...

Levi Quote

“I am just saying that, just maybe…” he hesitated, “Cayn isn’t the one for you.”


Amy: long legs, blonde hair and she's a cheerleader! Everyone would think that Amy has it all but there is one thing she doesn't have. One thing that she would kill for...
Amy Quote
“I would be more inclined to think about if you would want to go out with him. Sure he is all Mister Smooth right now, but this is day one. He is already acting like you’re with him,” she shrugged before heading off on a different tangent. “I guess you’re pretty, in a kind of gothic chic way, so maybe that could be why. Cayn wants what he wants, and until he gets it …well it is like he is becoming obsessed. Maybe you should be careful and stop talking to him.” She put her lip-gloss away and walked out, just leaving me there.

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