Monday, 11 February 2013

Making head way with Blood Lilly

So recently I lost all my work I had done for the past 4 months, all of it gone. That means I've had to start again but it also meant I couldnt delay working on it anymore. You see I think some where deep inside I knew it wasnt the story that needed to be told. Sure the end will be the same but the middle stuff wasn't sitting right.

So dusting myself off and creating myself a new tighter deadline, I've begun working. Like in book one Death Lilly Death Lilly Blood Lilly will open with a scene from Jude. Yes he is back! Also you will meet Lilly's father...yep right off the bat you will know who her father is, no I'm not crazy haha.

Cayn is still around walking in Lilly's dreams. Yes Book 2 isn't going to drag, you're going to be thrust right back into the story from where book 1 left off. That doesn't mean there wont be a lot of things happening right thoughout the book. I had to cut Death Lilly a little short because to finish it anywhere else would ruin book 2. Questions will be answered...but who is really good and who is bad???

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