Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Why I Write

I have been struggling for ages with promoting my work. I will admit I am not a fan of how some authors chose to promote and I am no wiz kid on a computer either but I try to do what I can. The biggest thing is now that reality has hit I want my work to be read. I want to be a writer and most of all i want to have career  in which I can help my hubby leave the military.

My Husband has been in for  almost 10yrs and during that time he has been deployed 3 times and away so much that is crazy. He has never experienced the first day of school, he has missed our daughter primary school graduation, he missed most of the kids toddler years, he has only been home 3 times on our anniversary and I rarely see him for birthdays. Until this year (in which I have only seen husband a grand total of 5 weeks in the past year), I never really was bothered with the time away...however that has changed.

I need to write more and work on getting a career. Why not find another job? you might ask...well i need to find one which works around kids and school holidays and doesn't need me to be there for weekends but pays well enough that my hubby can eventually quit his job...not so easy. Not to mention I have no family and childcare fees are crazy high. So until we move or hubby stops going away all the time, we are stuck with what kind of job I can do...and what job will take me.

Everyday I feel guilty for not doing all that I can and not being a stronger person. My husband is a wonderful man who has dealt with far to much in life already. I pray that one day my work will earn enough so he can finally relax and reconnect with our kids. Deep down I know I will get there but I pray that it doesn't come to late.

So if anyone is out there reading this and has some tips please let me know.

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