Thursday, 20 February 2014

I'm not perfect, what's new

Yep, i'll be the first to admit i am fair from perfect. In fact, most days I am barely average. I guess that is why i haven't been blogging as much as i should. It isn't because i don't want to communicate with others, in fact, that is one of the best things about being online. However time escapes me and I simply forget that I have obligations to this blog and to those who support me and my endeavors. 

 Since my last post back somewhere in early 2013 I have had quite a bit happening. In fact, if i where honest, i had spread myself thin trying to please everyone which meant i was half-assing all my commitments instead of picking a few commitments and giving them my undivided attention. Then life got complicated. I suffered from illness, my hubby return home with issues from his time spent overseas and we juggled all this while dealing with external family dramas. 

So these days I race around from doctor to doctor and one charity group to one advocate trying to get things done instead of writing and trying to publish books. From 2011 to 2013 i had written 7 short stories, 2 novellas and two novels, so I figure that i am due for a break. It wont be a long break from writing but from Monday to Saturday my days are filled and by Sunday all i want to do is chill out until everything starts up again. 

I wish i could be superwoman. I am however imperfect. So if you come across this post know that i am only taking a break for maybe the next 6 to 12 mths and then i shall be back with vengeance. I have not forgotten nor will I abandon this page. Please be patient, I will be back! 


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