Wednesday, 11 March 2015

5pm by Chris Heinicke Blog Tour

5pm by Chris Heinicke 

5PM tells the story of a real estate agent named Terry, who has it all, a beautiful loving wife, a young son and daughter and a successful career which provides him with a wealthy lifestyle. Things soon change when his best friend and workmate Roger introduces him to an animated chat program, and the blonde woman he meets in the online world seems to find him in the real world, which leads to a whirlwind of disturbing internet chat, infidelities and murder. Can Terry get himself out of this mess before he loses his soul and life? Or is he too far gone to bring normal back to his life?

My Review
Rating 5 stars. 
It is a book that I couldn't put down and would recommend to others!

I read 5pm a week ago and was absolutely blown away by the amazing story that had me second guessing what would happen next. It had more twists and nail bitting moments to satisfy readers of the thriller genre. It is a seductive but tastefully well written thriller featured around Real Estate agent Terry and his downward spiral into the dark world of online hook-ups and a woman who might cost him dearly...

I don't like to give to much away as the writing will speak for itself, but I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy reading tantalising thriller.

Here is a sneak peek from Chapter 2

There are a few tables with chairs and only five avatars in the room. One is a blonde lady calling herself BluesGirl88, who walks up to me, looking immaculate in a little black dress just covering her upper thighs. For the first time, I hear an avatar talk through the speakers of my PC, “Hello, mister. Welcome to my club.” Her voice is husky and I find myself wanting to hear more.
I don’t have a microphone to use with the computer, so I continue typing, “Whoever you have playing in this club, I hope they have a CD I can buy.”
She laughs. “CD? Who buys those things anymore? But, yes, you can buy their music online. Are you having a drink?”
I assume she prefers just to talk out loud than type, and it is quicker. “I’ve just finished my third glass of red. I think that’ll do me for tonight.”
“Go on, have another drink. I’m a scotch girl myself.”
I look at our liquor cabinet on the wall. Several bottles of various brands of single malt scotch stand neatly in a line. What the hell, I think to myself and grab one I haven’t had a drink of since New Year’s Eve. I have a tumbler in the top drawer of my desk which I pull out and fill to just under halfway with the thirty-year-old fluid. I go back to typing to the blonde lady, “You evil woman, you got me drinking at eleven p.m. on a work night.”
“You only live once, and one must experience as many of life’s wonders in the short time we get.”
Is she flirting with me?

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If that didn't spark your interest maybe this little teaser might hehe. 

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