Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Free flowing writer

Hi people,

So, as part of me trying to get my groove back I am going to aim to blog about once a week, maybe more. Because of this, I am doing a post about how I write. Doesn't sound interesting, right? Maybe not, but I know very few people who write the way I do and it would be great to hear others experiences or tips. Also I tend to tweet this stuff so feel free to hit me up on Twitter @RNolanauthor or you can just comment here, the choice is yours.

So now onto the topic, I have a confession...(insert dramatic drum roll) I am a Free Flowing Writer. (Yep I made up that term also.)
Ok, so what is a free flowing writer, well it is someone who doesn't have any plot notes etc, written down. No character names, appearances, scenes etc, you get the drift. Nada. Instead I have an idea in my head and I sit down typing until the story is finished; some breaks will be had. It's not like non-stop typing, except for when it is.

Crazy right? Clearly that has to be the worse way to write? How can you not have any notes?

I bet some of you are asking these questions. Or some of you have decided this is crap and left the blog. But, if your still here, (and for that I dearly thank you) then know that it doesn't matter how you write as long as you are writing. Btw this only works for fiction writing if you want to try it. Please don't use this form of free flowing if you are doing an essay as there are facts and stuff you should probably check, rather than to rely on your memory of them.

In case you are curious as to how this Free Flowing writing has worked out for me, well, it hasn't been bad. Since 2012 I have produced and had published 8 short stories and a novel. On Wattpad I have a few WIP's, so all in all, I think it is working well.

On the downside and this is a big downside, I find that when i have writer's block it can be devastating and because I wrote so much from the top of my head it brunt me out. Interesting fact:-I once wrote a 20k short story in a day. Yep one day. Well technically it was like 15hrs but still... The story was so vivid in my mind that I just couldn't stop.

So there you have it... My dirty little secret. Maybe for my next blog post I could talk about how becoming a teacher has improved my grammar and spelling? No? Yes? You let me know. Also if you look back at earlier posts you will see what I'm talk about, grammar and spell wise. Please don't judge me, I've improved. Or maybe I was just testing you.😏 Yep, that's it. Any mistakes are just tests to see if you can spot them 😉

Thanks for allowing me to have your attention.
Feel free to tweet or comment.

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