Book Review After

After is a story about Tessa who is attending college for the first time. She is roomed with a girl (Steph) who befriends her. Hardin is Steph’s friend and at first, Tessa doesn’t think he likes her. Two parties and a game of Truth and Dare changes that. Tessa and Hardin are on a collusion course where both their lives will change forever.  I give this story 2 stars, mainly because the writer delivers a twist that I never saw coming. While I can appreciate Anna Todd has given readers a unique fanfiction, I was surprised by the issues this series glossed over. I never understood how Hardin could beat up people and no get arrested. I also couldn’t wrap my head around Tessa and her endless forgiveness. The endless fights and getting back together gave me whiplash. I wanted to see Hardin change, to grow up, to evolve, however it didn’t feel like that ever happened. As far as a wattpad novel though, I can respect it for the work it is.

Why we love a Bad Boy

There is an increasing trend in YA and NA romances featuring girls who fall in love with “Bad Boys”.  Readers want the dangerous, sex-driven boy who can’t live without their girl. The boy who finds lust and anger go hand in hand. The bad boy who isn’t afraid to tell the girl he can’t be without her even if that means hurting her over and over again.  There is a reason why readers find this content so engaging. It is because readers love the bad boy redeeming arc. Psychologically our minds tell us that when a person treats us bad and then becomes nicer over time our relationship has grown, it has evolved. So, when the bad boy starts off as a rude, angry, ass then becomes the boyfriend who appears devoted to the girl, readers find it appealing material to read. There is also the fact that readers like to believe love can change a person, make them behave better. In an idealistic world it would be great if the serial cheater stopped cheating for the girl he just met. I personally don

Two Free Grammar Websites I Like

So I have a new short story coming out soon, and I have been editing it until my eyeballs hurt. It got me thinking about websites that I could use to help pick up those little mistakes. So far I have found two sites that I liking. First one is called Scribens Ok, so I like this one because it shows you repetitive words, simple grammar mistakes, overused commas and run-on sentences to name a few. I think it is a pretty good deal. However, you are still going to have to check before correcting, use common sense and you'll find it a good tool. Next is the well to known Grammarly Ok so I have just the free version and it is pretty good too. Not as good as Scribens I have found, but still good. The problem is you need to pay to get the better feedback. I have found that between this two sites I have limited my grammar issues greatly and hopefully improved my writing. Just so you guys know I am using a MacBook air for my writ

Get to know me

So here are some interesting facts about me... Crazy Facts 1. I suffer from insomnia. Ironically I am actually typing this at 1:30am (sorry for the mistakes. Lack of sleep screws with my spelling and language skills at times) 2. I believe in ghosts. 3. I hate wearing enclosed shoes unless they are boots. Boots are not shoes, therefore, my hatred is not compromised in any way. 4. I have a phobia of balloons, I hate them, I hate when kids have them, I hate being anywhere near them. Why do shops feel they have to be all cheery with balloons? 5. I never answer twitter DM's because 9 times out of 10 it's spam or a virus...sorry guys. Personal facts. 1. I've only ever broken one bone which I did while jumping on a trampoline. 2. I am a dog person, mainly a St Bernard puppy with the name Sasha person. 3. I rarely wear make-up. I don't see a need for it in my everyday life. 4. I love to watch YouTube and play xbox, playstation, switch and computer games to re

Should you join a local writing group?

Should you join a group or not? Below are a few tips to help you decide.  1.    Only join a writer’s group if you enjoy the company of the people in it. There is no use being part of a group if you dread attending meetings. Personalities are bound to clash however if the thought of meeting up with people in the group gives you anxiety, don't go. This doesn’t mean you have to like everyone within the group, as long as you can respect them, and they respect you, then try to stick it out.  2.    Join a group that understands writing is meant to be a pleasure, not a chore. You should be delighted to tap away at the keyboard. Everyone can get caught in the editing trap, a good group will remind you, editing is something done after you have written your story. One can join a group and enjoy the people but also dread writing due to pressures or self-doubt. Don't let this be you.  3.    What do you get out of it? Does it offer classes or critiquing? A great group sho

Bookish ASMR...feel the tingles

A few months ago, I discovered ASMR thanks to a try guys YouTube video. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response which gives on a tingling sensation. To my surprise I had been experiencing ASMR since I was young. The feeling I use to get when in the library, surrounded by the quiet noises, like a person walking down the columns, books being pulled from shelves or returned etc. I always loved when a person would read aloud in a hushed voice a story to me. That is my ultimate ASMR experience.    Now, Thanks to YouTube there are many book themed ASMR videos. From tapping and scratching books to library roleplaying. If this intrigues you, I strongly suggest going and checking out a few YouTube videos.  Below are a few of my personal favourites.  ASMR Rooms which features asmr based around Hogwarts and LOTR Below is one of my faves. Ravenclaw is my house so I really like this video and FredsVoice whi

Catch-22 and the Insanity of War

Catch-22 has been one of those books that sat on my TBR pile for a while. I must admit it would have probably stayed there if not for the tv show. The show starred some big names like Hugh Laurie and George Clooney; it was a must for hubby and I to watch. After all, my husband medically retired from the Australian Defense Force, and this was a series about the insanity of war.    Picture from the tv series Catch-22  I remember my husband being frustrated and annoyed by Yossarian, while I found Yossarian to be a man struggling with situations he had no control over. This difference of opinion about the main character made me read Catch-22. From the very first page, you can see the differences between the book and the series. The book starts with Yossarian in the hospital already deployed. He had a pain in his stomach but not wanting to fly he deceives the doctors and nurses into thinking he is still sick. It is here, the reader, gets an idea of how much Yossarian doesn’